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Welcome To Schweiger Shearing Solutions

Welcome to Shearing Solutions, the answer to all your shearing needs!  Schweiger Shearing Solutions started as an Idea in 2010, I had purchased some sheep and found how hard it was to find a sheep shearer here in the South. So in the spring of  '11 I flew to Washington state and attended the WSU Sheep Shearing School. A few sore muscles and tears later, I was back home shearing animals all over the south!

I shear animals of any size, from 40lb sheep or goats to 800lb llamas, and all shapes and sizes in between, horns or no horns.

I plan this year on making "shearing circuits" or basically shearing as many people as I can in one general area for example Athens, Ga.  If I spend a few days in one area were I don't have to drive back and forth from home I might be able to lower my gas price slightly. In order for me to do this though I need to have enough people in one general area, contact me in advance, were I can schedule you all in a small window of time. I don't know if this will work or not but it is something I will try and do.

I am not a fast shearer, as I would prefer to take a slower pace and not nick your animal, than whiz by and cut them all over. That being said, nicks do happen even though we try hard to prevent them, we show the owner the wound in question and then spray with an antiseptic.  We are now proudly using ESSENTIAL OILS to treat nicks instead of chemical medications.  We feel this is healthier for your animals and ultimately you as well.  

PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT shear on the weekends. I have a family to attend to therefore I can only shear during the week ( Monday - Friday). I are very Sorry for any problems this might bring.

I shear In Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

Contact us For 2014  SPRING/ Summer Shearing

We are trying to plan our 2014 Spring/ Summer Shearing Circuits so please contact us well in advance with when you want us to shear and how many sheep you need sheared. This way we can schedule in everyone.